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Glide Pro

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Glide Pro V2

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Glide V2

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Top-rated Mobile Gaming Finger Sleeves


We are pleased to introduce Vero Forza exclusive collection of Mobile Gaming Sleeves. Our renowned Glide Series, including the Glide Pro, Glide Pro V2 Glide V2 and, sets the benchmark in the field of gaming accessories for mobile devices. Created for precision, comfort and durability the Thumb sleeves are popular by top gamers from across India.

Best Mobile Gaming Sleeves for BGMI & Free Fire - India's No. 1 Wearable Finger Sleeves

Vero Forza specializes in high-performance gaming Thumb sleeves that are ideal for games such as BGMI as well as Free Fire. Glide Pro and the Glide Pro and Glide Pro V2 sleeves, renowned for their incredible performance and sensitivity, provide gamers with the most powerful device to improve their gaming.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Gaming Sleeves

Selecting the best gaming Thumb sleeves can greatly affect your performance. Consider key features such as fabric quality, sensitivity and breathability. The Glide Series, including Glide Pro V2 provides these advantages, making sure you have the best option to meet your gaming requirements.

A Gaming Finger Sleeve for Every Thumb: For Gamers

The Glide Series, including Glide Pro and Glide V2, caters to gamers at all levels. With the focus on a universal fit and an comfortable design. These gloves adjust to different sizes of thumbs to ensure comfort and accuracy for gamers of all levels.

Enjoy Unmatched style and performance with our Limited Edition Mobile Gaming Sleeves

The special edition Glide Pro V2 is a blend of design and functionality. These gaming Thumb sleeves don't just boost your performance but provide a touch of class to your gaming set-up they are a must-have for the fashion-conscious players.

The Best Mobile Gaming Sleeves Designed for Esports Players

For those who love esports The Glide Series is a game-changer. It is designed for high stakes gaming, Glide Pro, Glide Pro, Glide Pro V2 along with Glide V2 sleeves ensure optimal hand mobility, a better grip and better game control.

Innovatively Designed for the Modern Gamer

Vero Forza recognizes the ever-changing demands of gamers today. Our Glide Series features innovative designs that are geared towards amateur gamers as well as professional esports athletes. With advanced technologies like VFiber 3.0 and materials that mix Carbon Fibre, Nylon, and Spandex, we have gamers' sleeves in the top of the game in terms of innovation in gaming accessories.

Why Vero Forza is the Choice of Champions

The top gamers pick Vero Forza due to the fact that it is the best. The gaming accessories we offer, such as those called Glide Pro V2 and Glide V2 are well-known for their performance and quality. They are a perfect combination of design and function which makes them the top option for those who want to be at their best.

Find Your Perfect Match: Glide Pro, Glide Pro V2, or Glide V2

Each player has his own set of requirements, and our Glide Series caters to all. You can choose between an ultra-sensitive Glide Pro, or the lightweight Glide Pro V2 or the multi-functional Glide V2, we have the ideal sleeve to match your style of gaming. Explore our collection and locate the gaming sleeve best for you.

Key Features - A Closer Look

VFiber 3.0 Technology Only available technology that is exclusive to Glide Pro along with Glide Pro Version 2. offering unmatched sensitivity and responsiveness.

The ability to breathe: Glide V2 offers a comfortable design with a breathable fabric, which keeps the hands cool, comfortable and dry throughout lengthy gaming hours.

Ergonomic fit: Each of of our sleeves that we offer, including Glide Pro and Glide V2 are designed to provide a comfortable and snug fit that is able to accommodate all hand sizes.

Design and Durability: Designed to last Our sleeves are created with a fashionable design that will make you look and feel as stylish when you play.

1. What is it that makes the Vero Forza Glide gaming sleeves unique?

Vero Forza Glide Series, including the Glide Pro, Glide Pro V2 Glide Pro V2 Glide V2 and Glide V2, are unique because of their VFiber 3.0 technology, which provides increased performance and sensitivity, with zero friction for better gaming performance. They're also designed for greater breathability, comfort, as well as a fitting to all hand sizes.

2. Can these Glide gaming sleeves compatible with all smartphones?

Yes we do, our Glide gaming sleeves are compatible with all smartphones that have touchscreens, which includes Android as well as iPhone models. Their design guarantees effective touchscreen sensitivity and responsiveness on any smartphone's display.

3. Are use the Glide gaming sleeves improve my performance in games such as PUBG as well as COD Mobile?

Absolutely! Absolutely! The Glide Series is specifically designed to help you enjoy gaming in games that are fast-paced, such as PUBG, COD Mobile, Free Fire, and more. They help you improve your aim and accuracy, allowing greater control and grip in game play.

4. How do I select the best gaming sleeve in the Glide Series?

The best gaming sleeve is based on your personal preferences and your preferred gaming style. Glide Pro is a great choice. Glide Pro offers ultra-sensitivity, the Glide Pro V2 is known for its breathability and comfort while Glide V2 is known for its breathability and comfort. Glide V2 provides a balance of ergonomics and sensitivity. The models all offer enhanced gaming performance.

5. The gaming sleeves are tough and easy to clean?

Yes our gaming sleeves are made from top-quality materials such as Carbon Fibre, Nylon, and Spandex that make them robust and stretchable. It is easy for them to clean and wash gently to keep them clean and in great quality.

6. Are the gaming sleeves helping for sweaty hands?

Yes they do, and these Glide gaming Thumb sleeves are constructed with sweat-resistant material that keep your fingers dry while ensuring the grip you need during your the most intense gaming sessions.

7. Where can I buy the Vero Forza Glide gaming sleeves?

Vero Forza Glide gaming Thumb sleeves are available through our official website and through a select number of retailers online. Go to our products page to learn more and to purchase.

8. What is Vero Forza policy on returns regarding gaming sleeves?

Vero Forza offers a customer-friendly return policy. If you're not happy with the purchase, you're able to return the item within a certain time frame provided that it's in its original state. For more information on the return policy you can refer to our return policy on our website.

9. How long will the sleeves that are used for gaming last?

The life span of the gaming arms varies on how they are used and the care given. They are generally made to last and are durable, allowing you to enjoy longer-lasting performance if maintained properly.